The Secret of Argentina

The secretary of tourism of "El Chaco" has as a slogan of its advertising campaign to promote this region of the country as "The Secret of Argentina".
It seems to me very accuarete, since in a certain way it's a secret that is kept for the rest of society: to know that there are people living in oblivion and in conditions of extreme poverty throughout the north of Argentina.
A town that does not even appear on the map: Olla Quebrada (25 ° 27'45.9 "S 60 ° 28'07.9" W), in the area of "El ​​Espinillo" located north of Argentina in the province of Chaco.
About 40 people had the oportunity to share a week with the "survivors" of this area of ​​our country. Each one had a role and / or responsibility: dentists, pediatricians, psychologists, teachers, hairdressers, and perhaps cover the most important need: give them a hug, and talk with them.
As I went house by house to deliver hygiene kits and be able to meet the people, I was very impressed by the lack of affection that these people have, that no one shows them affection and that they feel forgotten, and that with a simple hug and make them notice that you are there so they can be better in the future, change's the way they feel completely. It was several ocasions that I had to see people with a lump in my throat and not being able to say anything more than "thank you" with the simple fact that we where there.
Seeing in a closer way in the conditions in which these people live, I am led to think about what possibilities and opportunities these people have to get ahead, since they live completely forgotten, in very limited conditions since they do not have any kind of job offer , transportation to at least be able to go to look for work or opportunities in more central areas, quality education, doctors and above all that, they don't have any hope that one day all this will improve or change in the future.
The shoes that we gave them are going to be worn, the toothbrush that is given to each one of them will stop serving and above all, the cured diseases will most likely return and have no place in order to be able to be taken care of ; it is a cycle that seems to have no end unless that we really take action on the issue and realize that there are many people in Argentina who are not living, if not, the fighting every day with themselves in order to survive, that there are thousands of people forgotten and that they have not hope that one day the situation they are going through will change for the better.