Medical cannabis farm

"Cannava" is considered the first state company dedicated to the production of derivatives of cannabis medicines in the Argentine Republic. They have more than 1000 plants that are worked on the "El Pongo" farm located in the province of Jujuy, Argentina

Christmas eve solidary dinner

With 40.9% of the Argentine population living under the poverty line in December, after 9 months after the start of the new COVID-19 pandemic and the strong crisis that has dragged the country for years, many families do not have The essentials to live day to day, much less celebrate the Christmas and New Year's Eve parties. That is why various organizations carry out solidarity dinners at these dates, which can become so "sensitive" for this large group of the population; Such is the case, the case of the "Church of the Center" that this year held a Christmas Eve dinner that takes place from 24 to night to receive Christmas, and runs until Sunday 27, thus giving the possibility to More than 1200 people in vulnerable situations are able to share and celebrate parties.

Guernica eviction protest

Various social organizations marched from the Obelisk to the Government House throughout the afternoon of 09/21/20 in condemnation of the eviction of the lands of Guernica in the party of President Perón.

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